Morfit Car Seat Back Support – Reduce Driving Back Pain

Osteopath designed, Morfit car seat back support begins soft to take your shape, then firms up to hold you in place. With the ability to optimise and remember your unique posture, driving can be good again.

Creating an accurate posture for driving, with a neutral spine similar to standing, is the best position to reduce back pain when driving. Morfit fills that space between your spine and seat, and keeps it.

Our backs are made for standing. Our spines when standing can hold a neutral curve for hours. Morfit replicates this posture while driving to make your car seat back support the right fit for you.

No matter how long you drive or passionately you corner, Morfit hugs your sides like a luxury high-end seat, holding your optimum position of least pain and helps absorb vibrations for extra comfort.

The cover of Morfit back cushion is made of breathable 3D mesh to allow air flow. Morfit stays at the correct height using a vertical adjustable strap. It is portable and can be used in any vehicle including cars, trucks, helicopters, racing cars, wheelchairs, or on the train or bus.

Please follow these steps for correct usage:

  1.         Insert long nozzle into tube & open tap at 90°. Pump 10 times.
  2.          Remove pump, wriggle your back in whilst staying in neutral posture.
  3.          Insert short nozzle into tube and pump 10 times.
  4.          Lock tap back to 0° and remove pump. All set!

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For order and postage queries please email or call 020 8977 5474 (Mon-Thu 9am-4pm)

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Morfit Car Seat Back Support

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