The Back App 2.0 with Nordic Wool Fabric, Light coloured base and red ball

This unique chair will actually strengthen the core muscles that support your spine leading to a stronger, healthier back. This is achieved by constantly stimulating the muscles that you use to balance as the chair gently moves on its central axis.

In addition, the sitting position on Back App ensures a natural posture and reduces main muscle fatigue dramatically. This will keep you comfortable allowing you to work productively at your desk. If you suffer from back pain, are concerned that you spend too much time in front of a computer or at a desk then Back App will help you.


Currently unavailable - please email for further updates

This option includes the Back App Wheels on which the Back App 2.0 can be placed

The price of the wheels add-on is £176+VAT when the item is ordered together with the back app chair

The unique Back App technology strengthens the important core muscles that support your spine. The sitting position ensures a posture that dramatically reduces muscle fatigue, keeps you comfortable allowing you to work at your desk productively.  If you suffer from back pain or sit at a desk then try Back App.

For order and postage queries please email or call 020 8977 5474 (Mon-Thu 9am-4pm)

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The Back App Chair and Wheels Add-On

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  • £850.80